CLYBOURNE PARK called "the surprise of the season!"
SUNDAY, JANUARY 15, 2017: CV Independent says CLYBOURNE PARK  "Is amazing!" "The direction by Michael Shaw is incredibly impressive, with his steady hand guiding the actors to performances even and strong throughout. He gets credit for total success with the extraordinarily difficult lines."

"And the acting... oh my! One of the delights of this production is seeing the characters the actors have developed. We watch a complete person in each act - the good, bad and ugly. We see their pain, their tempers, their sweetness and their struggles. We glimpse their past history and get to know them more intimately than you’d think the time would permit."

"Kudos to the cast, the director the entire supportive crew of this play for a job superbly done. CLYBOURNE PARK is the surprise of the season, with its controversial, occasionally offensive and sometimes hilarious script. Don’t doubt that you will be surprised by it, too."

The full review, by VJ Hume, can be found here.
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